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France and Eco Fashion

25 Sep

Ethical Fashion in Europe is making some headway in the last 5 years. This past show at the Louvre has an exciting group of sustainable and ethical fashion designers to exhibit on the runway in September.  You can view their collections on their website:  http://www.ethicalfashionshow.c/efs2/crbst_218.html 

I’ve been working on some projects and hope to get more information on site with these organizations and will continue to keep updates for everyone!

This is a quote from the organization

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
he Golden Age of Capitalism was dominated by the
popular belief that economic growth brought happiness.
After that period, criticism of the consumer society began to
In fact what triggered this growth was apprehension, rather
than the altruism of a small group of consumer activists.
The 1980s marked the beginning of a concern for the
environment and the protection of animals. The period that
followed, the 1990s, was marked by various affairs of
corruption. After the year 2000, globalization accelerated
significantly with China becoming a member of the WTO,
growing media coverage of the social problems linked
to globalization (working conditions, child labor…) and
health and food scandals (mad cow disease, SARS). Finally,
numerous documentaries, television programs and movies
alerted people to the upheaval that the planet was undergoing.
This context led to an increased awareness world-wide of
the social and environmental problems threatening the planet.
A need for transparency and ethics in dealings with companies
and brand names emerged. This need was accompanied
by a preference for products that had meaning and the
conviction of some people that it was possible to change the
world through consumer actions.