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A GREEN Stock Exchange or GREENSX

10 Jun

As we watch our own economy fluctuate with the global markets I wondered if there was a dedicated market to just green businesses that would be invested in and traded.  It does exist and it is the Green Stock Exchange where companies who pass the green/sustainable standards can then start accruing investor’s capital for building a company to invest in and eventually offer an IPO                                             Image

(Initial Public Offering).  If you are green company that is looking to find investors this could be a savvy way to attract the needed capital.  It is due to open in the Fall of 2012 as the site GREENSX.com explains.  I actually am thinking about investing in it.

What is a Direct Public Offering (DPO) on the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX)?

On the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX), a Direct Public Offering is designed to allow small eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable businesses to raise equity capital in a relatively easy and low cost fashion, while at the same time offering investors the opportunity to invest at early stages. DPO’s can sell it’s stock directly to the public over the Internet on the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX), without the filing registration and reporting requirements of IPO’s. DPO offerings range from up to $1 million, to $25 million. Each offering has different requirements, restrictions and limitations.