Indian Innovator

3 Oct

Hi tech, low waste

Siddhartha Upadhyaya calls his technology Direct Panel on Loom (DPOL).

‘It consists of a computer attached to a loom,’ he explains. ‘You upload your design and the loom weaves fabric panels according to the dimensions you put into the computer. It’s simple to then sew the pieces together to make your finished item of clothing.’


Woven wonder

Normally, to make a jacket you cut a pattern out of cloth which leaves around 15% of the roll left over as oddly shaped offcuts. But this jacket is different – no cloth was cut…

Fashion technologist Siddhartha Upadhyaya invented a new technique where the different pieces of this jacket were woven to be exactly the right shape and size. This means no fabric gets wasted.


France and Eco Fashion

25 Sep

Ethical Fashion in Europe is making some headway in the last 5 years. This past show at the Louvre has an exciting group of sustainable and ethical fashion designers to exhibit on the runway in September.  You can view their collections on their website:  http://www.ethicalfashionshow.c/efs2/crbst_218.html 

I’ve been working on some projects and hope to get more information on site with these organizations and will continue to keep updates for everyone!

This is a quote from the organization

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
he Golden Age of Capitalism was dominated by the
popular belief that economic growth brought happiness.
After that period, criticism of the consumer society began to
In fact what triggered this growth was apprehension, rather
than the altruism of a small group of consumer activists.
The 1980s marked the beginning of a concern for the
environment and the protection of animals. The period that
followed, the 1990s, was marked by various affairs of
corruption. After the year 2000, globalization accelerated
significantly with China becoming a member of the WTO,
growing media coverage of the social problems linked
to globalization (working conditions, child labor…) and
health and food scandals (mad cow disease, SARS). Finally,
numerous documentaries, television programs and movies
alerted people to the upheaval that the planet was undergoing.
This context led to an increased awareness world-wide of
the social and environmental problems threatening the planet.
A need for transparency and ethics in dealings with companies
and brand names emerged. This need was accompanied
by a preference for products that had meaning and the
conviction of some people that it was possible to change the
world through consumer actions.

Contest a la Vivienne Westwood!

2 Sep

  People Tree has collaborated with HER!

Anglomania never had it so good! 

“God Save The Queen!”

A reminder to all eco-loving graphic designers that People Tree’s Graphic 2012 T-Shirt Competition has been extended to October 17th, 2011. The competition is inspired by the incredible buzz and bustle being created in their hometown of London England for the 2012 summer Olympics. Embracing the positive, humanist, bridge building ideals behind the creation of the original Olympics, People Tree has created a graphic design competition along these lines:

Model of Environmentally Conscietious Fashion

2 Sep

   Laura Bailey, who has been around for a good 15 years or so is making the move of going green in the Fashion world.  Though she is not as famous as the super models we all know, she has made campaigns with GUESS Jeans and dated Richard Gere! (You may remember him in Runaway Bride?)  Well, she is working with the likes of UK company Tesco to help judge sustainable fashion design from around the globe. Entry into the competition is closed, but the winners will show up with a fashion show in London and NYC.

NYC will host NOLCHA that caters to Independent Designers and works mostly in social media and E-Commerce.

If you are a fashion designer – anywhere in the world, you have great designs and you are considering the environment and the people behind your product, Ethical Fashion Forum wants to put you in the spotlight! This season The Fairtrade Foundation has teamed up with the Ethical Fashion Forum. For the first time the competition will run a Fairtrade cotton category sponsored by Tesco, which will be judged by fashion model Laura Bailey. The winning entrant will be invited to work with the F&F brand at Tesco.

Here is one of the American winners

Carrie Parry achieves a timeless style rooted in sustainability and wearability. It’s a concept, an aesthetic, a philosophy, and a lifestyle, designing clothes of the finest quality rendered from responsible sources that transition effortlessly from day to night, season to season. Sophisticated, tailored and with an appreciation for luxury and simplicity, CARRIE PARRY is in the details, from intricately textured fabrics to whimsical touches and fastidious workmanship.

Vintage Find!

27 Aug

Bernard Perris was a 80’s French fashion designer who died last year and had a great following from the fashion elite.

LOVE this one because it says FEMININE.  You can find it on Ebay with Fashion Rhino as the purveyor of Fine Vintage!

It’s my size too!!!!!!!!!

Levi’s and Sophia Coppola Edible T-shirts!?

26 Aug


  This is really about slow food movement in America, but it’s LEVI”S that is pushing this event for a really cool restaurant in Berkeley CA.  SOPHIA COPPOLA, one of my Favorite directors is behind the designs of the T_SHIRTS, as well as David Byrne (another FAV!) They are organic cotton with eco screened designs!
check out the restaurant website…..  

To celebrate 40th anniversary of Chez Panisse, Alice Water’s quintessential farm-to-fork restaurant, Levi Strauss is launching a limited-edition T-shirt collection to benefit the Edible Schoolyard, a nonprofit Waters founded to integrate garden and kitchen education into grade-school curriculum. Designed by a celeb-studded roster of talents, including filmmaker Sofia Coppola, author Dave Eggers, musician David Byrne, and the grande dame of the slow-food movement herself, the shirts are printed on 100 percent organic cotton and embellished with hang-tags embedded with organic seeds.

Niche market beginning for Eco Fashion

25 Aug

   Okay, this is not really news but it is recent research on what Asia is thinking about it’s chances in eco fashion. It is serious because they are looking to make it a NICHE MARKET.  That is really big as far as advancement of this movement towards manufacturing environmentally safe fashion.

   Normally, you would think that it is the last on the list but it is a growing concern to make the necessary changes.  It’s the  idea to spread  the bottom line of the fashion industry’s concerns about how to make money cleanly.  Yes, they are really concerned about it!!! 

  “Eco Fashion” niche market is going to be fostered for some time to come. 

   Be apart of it!  Be a consumer of it and or design it!

“Eco-fashion may not be a household phrase but it soon could be, as designers experiment with natural materials and sustainable manufacturing methods.

In Singapore, trade promotion agency International Enterprise Singapore has been working to help Singapore designers spread their wings overseas and it said finding a niche to cater to what consumers want is key.

Lee Puay Min, Director of the Retail Division at IE Singapore, said: “Definitely, in terms of having some eco-signature, for example being environmentally safe.

“(Businesses having) corporate social responsibility…that’s very keen in European markets, because right now they’re talking about being a responsible consumer. So you need to know what consumers look for, determine your price point and think how you can profile and market to the consumers over there.

“You really need to get the consumers to know what’s your equity – ‘Why would I need to pay a premium for your product and what does that brand stand for?’ So this all communicates to consumers, buyers and markets. This is what we’re looking at and it’ll be a niche area for designers to move forward.”

11 Aug

It’s a new day for Thinking Sustainable and Ethical about Fashion and life in general

This piece is a collage of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  Elements that make up the planet’s history, mythology, geology and existing environment!

call it what you will…..

6 Aug

  Making statements about abstraction and reality.  So much is changing now for the better in this decade.  Time is speeding up and it’s gone before you know it.  Making a difference now no matter how long it takes is what counts.  Changing our industrial ways is still very abstract in theory but is becoming a reality.  Some say it’s a fantasy and folly. So call it what you will……..change is imminent and I with others will see it before our lifetime is up!

Future Perfect

1 Aug

Space and time is all relative.  One day we will be gliding on the rings of Saturn.  Fashion is the next frontier of reform in that we can make it completely sustainable and harmless to the planet. If we can make it into space then we can manufacture CLEANLY!