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A GREEN Stock Exchange or GREENSX

10 Jun

As we watch our own economy fluctuate with the global markets I wondered if there was a dedicated market to just green businesses that would be invested in and traded.  It does exist and it is the Green Stock Exchange where companies who pass the green/sustainable standards can then start accruing investor’s capital for building a company to invest in and eventually offer an IPO                                             Image

(Initial Public Offering).  If you are green company that is looking to find investors this could be a savvy way to attract the needed capital.  It is due to open in the Fall of 2012 as the site explains.  I actually am thinking about investing in it.

What is a Direct Public Offering (DPO) on the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX)?

On the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX), a Direct Public Offering is designed to allow small eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable businesses to raise equity capital in a relatively easy and low cost fashion, while at the same time offering investors the opportunity to invest at early stages. DPO’s can sell it’s stock directly to the public over the Internet on the Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX), without the filing registration and reporting requirements of IPO’s. DPO offerings range from up to $1 million, to $25 million. Each offering has different requirements, restrictions and limitations.




17 Mar


White Platforms Sandals are a rarity and great to find them on this blog!

Slow Design Concept

31 Oct

  This is a concept that is showing growth among the sustainable designers, retailers, and business people in the world.  This is a branch of the Slow Food Movement.

Innovative concept stores are starting to crop up in cities that promote the idea of :

Holistic approach to design that takes into consideration the social and material factors, as well as long term impact it has on the earth.

introduced with a paper in 2002 to coin Slow Design

“Slow Design- A Paradigm of living sustainably?”

“dematerialization required for long term sustainability as it takes into account the the non-material nature of human well being and happiness.”

This makes sense and I found another wordpress site that features the retailers involved with this movement.


Vintage Find!

27 Aug

Bernard Perris was a 80’s French fashion designer who died last year and had a great following from the fashion elite.

LOVE this one because it says FEMININE.  You can find it on Ebay with Fashion Rhino as the purveyor of Fine Vintage!

It’s my size too!!!!!!!!!

11 Aug

It’s a new day for Thinking Sustainable and Ethical about Fashion and life in general

This piece is a collage of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  Elements that make up the planet’s history, mythology, geology and existing environment!

call it what you will…..

6 Aug

  Making statements about abstraction and reality.  So much is changing now for the better in this decade.  Time is speeding up and it’s gone before you know it.  Making a difference now no matter how long it takes is what counts.  Changing our industrial ways is still very abstract in theory but is becoming a reality.  Some say it’s a fantasy and folly. So call it what you will……..change is imminent and I with others will see it before our lifetime is up!

Future Perfect

1 Aug

Space and time is all relative.  One day we will be gliding on the rings of Saturn.  Fashion is the next frontier of reform in that we can make it completely sustainable and harmless to the planet. If we can make it into space then we can manufacture CLEANLY!

A natural

28 Jul

It is about natural occurrences that always amaze me.  Nature is wonderment and why can’t we incorporate it with grace instead of industrial brute force?

American style…..

26 Jul

  Must pay homage to the Native Look and this is one of the 1st images that personified the North American Native.  I love the style and it is authentic American style!  Earth friendly Native Style by John White 1590’s?


26 Jul

VANESSA//.  Back to Black Parisian style!!!  We will miss her!